The Benefits of Using Marble in the GTA are Obvious

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What is Marble?
The Benefits of Using Marble in the GTAMarble is the term used to describe a form of metamorphic rock that is mainly composed of limestone. Marble is most commonly identified by its naturally occurring ribbons and swirls of color throughout the rock. It is known for its hardness and natural resistance to shattering. Marble gained popularity centuries ago as a favorite medium for sculptors who found the material was somewhat easy to manipulate. Marble also became well-known as a building element for construction. Pure white marble is a favorite marble among sculptors but generally is not used much for construction purposes. Many ancient Roman buildings were constructed with marble floors or other marble accents.
Marble can be polished until it produces a finish that is almost mirror-like in quality. This quality helps to produce a perceived depth in the rock and results in a visually appealing quality that few other building materials can compare with. One of the most appealing aspects of marble is the wide variety of types and colours that exist worldwide.
The natural hardness of marble gives the added benefits of being scratch resistant. If the finish becomes scratched it is usually possible to buff it out and regain the original finish. Marble is very hard to crack without applying concentrated force which strengthens its use as a building material.
Marble is typically most available in the form of slabs or tiles. While slabs are more structurally strong and resistant to breakage, they tend to be more expensive. Tiles are smaller, easier to cut and less expensive but they can break much easier.
Marble in the Home
Marble can be used to improve the look of any room in the homes across the greater Toronto area (GTA). The ability to custom cut marble means it is extremely versatile in the way it can be shaped and integrated to achieve many different looks.
The most common household use for marble is kitchen and bathroom countertops. The natural properties of marble make it a perfect choice for high-stress areas such as countertops. Marble is naturally:
  • Stain resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Bacteria resistant
In some cases people even use the marble countertop as a cutting board since it is so durable. Cleaning is very easy with just normal cleaner and a cloth. A marble countertop is a bold and beautiful statement that adds instant elegance and style to any home.
Marble is also commonly used as a floor tile in homes. The extreme durability of marble while being very attractive makes it a logical choice for a flooring material as well as the ease with which it is able to be cleaned.
Custom Marble Work
Experienced marble cutters are often able to make very stunning custom marble pieces. It is not unusual to see fixtures crafted entirely out of marble. These fixtures can include such items as sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces and mantels. Marble tables are also becoming very popular.
The many different colours and shades of marble assure that there is a colour that will fit any existing décor seamlessly while commanding attention and conveying a sense of boldness to any room.